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Foot Prints In the Sand. How no matter where we go or what we think, we will always leave a mark on someone. Wether it be someone we know or someone who just happened to be there.
Just because the water washes them away soon after they are made, does not mean they were never there. It does not mean they will ever be forgotten. Maybe one day they will return to this very spot and recreate it all without truly knowing or remembering.

foot prints in the sand
foot prints in the sand

The foot prints are going towards the water, not away from.
What could that mean?
That they want to get lost at sea?
To forget everything and hope to build a new life?
Were they walking or running?
No matter what the perspective is, there is never one right answer. Even the artist a lot of times does not always know the true meaning. Why they took the photo in the first place. If this was intentionally or just a happy accident.