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a little bit red
a little bit red

Art is not just about paint, fabric, a canvas, colored pencils, clay, etc. Art is about being creative; even if that means being crafty. Crafts are a way “non artists” can express themselves. It is a way to put a few things together that may or may not go and creating something completely different.

With crafts, it can be buying new supplies or using found objects, just like with sculptures.

What makes art, art is how someone sees it. Crafts are art to many but not all.

The photograph is considered art because photography is an art form. Taking a photo is about the angle, how to show the color or which one may stand out more in the image. Taking a photo is more skill than most believe and many people believe it doesn’t take real skill. They say it’s just “pushing a button”.

What do you consider to be art? How easy is taking a photograph? Is it about the camera or the photographer?