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Art always helps individuals in finding a new viewpoint and improves problem-solving and creative skills. -author is unknown

Many people ask “why did you choose art as a career?” Sometimes this is an easy answer, because it makes me happy, because i love to create; while other times it’s more difficult. Not everyone knows why they choose a career, some base it off how much they’ll make while others choose based off what will fulfill their lives and help them to be happy.

There are a lot of people out there in the world who truly dislike the place they are in and the job they go to every day.

A job, shouldn’t just be a job; it should be something that a person wants to go to. That they want to be at and can see themselves succeeding and growing. If a job makes you miserable then it is time to find something new.

Art is a place to be creative. A place to be able to express one’s self without feeling they are being judged. “I wanted to become an artist because it meant endless possibilities. Art was a way of reinventing myself.” Sam Taylor-Wood. Art is not an easy career, even though many believe so. It takes a lot of time and energy to create one piece, especially when there is a lot of time and detail put into each piece.

I didn’t choose art as a career, art chose me in order to fulfill myself. To see the best in me and to be proud of something I do. To see the accomplishments each and every day.

why art?

Do not be afraid of doing what you were born to do.