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Growing up, I wanted to be a chiropractor or a math teacher. I never once thought I could be a true artist.

In high school, I had two amazing art teachers who taught me to dream big. They gave me a safe space to work, let me come during my free periods and just create. Sometimes (most times) I really miss that. They inspired me to believe in myself and to move forward.

Because of these teachers, I went to college where I received a bachelors in art, which led me into my masters in Fine Art.

This Is Me
This Is Me

Not being able to find something right after college that was in my field made me feel like a failure.

I graduated with my masters in May of 2020. I applied to many different places, studios, teaching positions, anything I thought I knew what to do or could learn what needed to be done.

Without experience no one wants to hire you right out of school.

For the past five years or so years, I have worked my butt of at a job I knew I wouldn’t go anywhere with. I just wanted something to help with paying for school and still having time to create.

Two years after graduating, I have finally found me dream career. I left my other job and am perusing tattooing full time. A job I can finally use my creative ability all day everyday. Somewhere I am comfortable and feel like I am making something of myself.

It is not going to be an easy journey, but it is something to push myself to the limits and to be proud of the accomplishments that come.

instagram: @amandapaigelevine