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Lighting is very important in everything a person, artist, does. Without proper lighting it is very easy for anyone to make a mistake.

Working in a dark corner can take away the natural beauty the light gives to a piece. Using fake light, such as lamps, can give a different tone to the piece.

Some lights give off cool tones (blues and purples) while others give off more of a warmth (yellows, reds, oranges).

Each type of lighting can give a piece an entirely different meaning. Cools can be more calming, more gentle while warms can be warmth and a spark of heat.

Fake lighting can give off a whole different appeal and manipulation to the shadows being portrayed. The shadows can fall where the artist wants them to, rather than guessing where they’ll go.

With natural lighting, it is harder to control where the shadows fall, even when moving around the canvas. It either takes the shadow away as a whole or creates one that doesn’t work at all.