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Being an artist isn't just about the art or the final product. It is about the time a person puts into their work. To be an artist, art has to be important. It has to be loved and cherished because if an artist hates being an artist it will show in their work.

Most people cannot wake up and say "I'm going to be an artist today" and make it happen.

Even having born talent, it still takes time and practice to make something close to acceptable to the artists standards.

Being an artist means being creative. Does this mean a person has to constantly think about and create art or can it be about the love and passion for it?

"...as long as you are well versed in a particular area of art and constantly developing, then you should be able to comfortably see yourself as an ‘artist’, but – and herein lies the rub – obviously, in order to be taken seriously, many would argue that one needs to be perpetually creating."

Why does a person have to constantly be creating in order to have themselves, and mainly others, believe they are truly committed and completely serious about pursuing their art career.

Originality is important in art. In school people are taught to look at other pieces of work, to be inspired, to test out their techniques and to even recreate a painting, a writing or a song to understand the artist. They are taught to understand the other works of art and even use their art as inspiration and help, but, in the end, they are to create something of their own.

Being an Artist