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Art should be about learning who you are, about learning how you want to make your career and what path you want to go down. Art shouldn’t be about what someone is telling you to do and how to do it exactly. Art is up for interpretation. Yes, artists can have clientele, which means listening to what they want. But if someone is not the artist, they should not be telling the artist how to create. The person who chose that artist, chose them for a reason and should let them do what they were chosen to create.
If an artist is chosen because of a specific style, then why would you want to change that? Why would you ask them to change who they are and their passion in order to be who they are not? If the client wants to change the artist they chose into a completely different style artist, then why not pick someone similar to that style?
Artists do not always choose their own style, a lot of times, the style chooses the artist.
In school the artist is taught to study other artists an learn from their creations and to try and decipher the technique they used. How the piece became to be, and to even color match. Attempting to match colors is not an easy task, it is known to be full but very tedious. If the artist is able to recreate the color on the first try, that is either talent or pure luck. Even trying to recreate a color that the artist created the day before is a challenge, and can cause the person to remake the entire painting with the new color they made.